Nostrils very uneven/asymmetrical post Rhinoplasty. Will they even out? I'm worried (Photo)

I had a rhinoplasty six days ago. I had the packing removed yesterday, but I don't get the splint off or the stitches out for two more days. I completely understand that I am FAR from healed at only six days out, but how normal is it at this point for my nostrils to be THIS uneven/asymmetrical a week after surgery? I posted both a picture looking up my nose and also one straight on (just in case it matters for you to see how my cast is on). Any insight please? Thank you in advance.

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Nostril asymmetry 6 days post op

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At this early stage , it is not unusual to see asymmetries from varying degrees of soft tissue swelling.  Usually over the coming few months asymmetries resolve however you should discuss this with your surgeon at your first post op visit.

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6 days post rhinoplasty

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Thank you for your question and pictures. It is not uncommon in the early stages of rhinoplasty recovery to see some asymmetries.  Often these asymmetries resolve themselves during the healing period.  It is usually 6 months before the nose is completely healed.  Even though it is difficult, it is important to be patient during the early healing phase.  Best of luck!

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