I have nerve damage after breast augmentation surgery. Would a revision help?

suffering from nerve damage from breast augmentation 3 yrs ago-saline under muscle. If i redo them will nerve damage be improved or likely be the same? or could it be worse?

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Nerve damage

Nerve damage after augmentation usually presents with tenderness on palpation of the area of the fourth intercostal nerve on the lateral breast along with tenderness or pain radiating from the area of damage to the area that the nerve innervates.  In my experience, many patients diagnosed with nerve damage have a different problem more related to infection of the scar capsule.  Also, a damaged or cut nerve can be repaired at the revision in many cases.  If the nerve is stretched excessively by the implant, then the revision could improve the symptoms but only if the implant is place totally under the muscle so that tension is taken off the area of the nerve.  If you have infection rather than nerve damage, you can become worse with the revision unless you are treated with the appropriate antibiotics and antifungals.

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I have nerve damage after breast augmentation surgery. Would a revision help?

Nerve damage, loss of feeling, after breast augmentation does occur and can take two years for sensation to return. At 3 years recovery is unlikely. A revision would not benefit permanent nerve damage.

Nerve damage

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Nipple sensation loss is unusual in augmentation surgery but when it does happen it can take a couple of years to return in isolated cases - but three years is a long time for nipple sensation to return- I am not optimistic in its return without some outside help..  nerve transection (cutting) during the procedure is extremely rare- but if it did occur- sensation return in unlikely.  some surgeons believe that having the implant placed with a periareolar incision can also increase the chance of nipple sensation loss.

What is more common is larger implants putting pressure on the nerve traveling around the lateral side of your breast and not allowing that nerve to work correctly.  I have had patients come in from other surgeons who have had large implants with no nipple sensation for a decade, and after removing the implants or going to smaller implants have nerve sensation return a week after surgery. 

Having a lot of scar tissue or a capsular contraction can in some cases encase the nerve and cause it to not function properly- I have removed scar tissue in patients and have had their sensation returned as well.

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Amage after breast augmentation surgery. Would a revision help?

The answer really depends on the nature of the nerve damage. If a nerve was cut during your last surgery then a revision probably won't help. 

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