Dental Bonding? (photo)

I had a small gap between the bottom of my front teeth, and decided to do something about it yesterday.Now during this process, they numbed the left side of my mouth and around the left front tooth. The doctor said she needed to shave off some enamel, so the bonding would stick better. With it all done... My left tooth is now larger than my right tooth. I hate how it looks. Is it possible to get it removed?And will my teeth look how they did before? I feel more self conscious than ever.

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You can get it removed .... #DrSarahThompson

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I would suggest porcelain veneers to fix the problem, instead of having the bonding redone.  The bonding can always be taken off, so there's no worries there.  If your tooth was filed down at all, then that tooth will remain like that, unless you cover it with more bonding or a veneers.

Get lab made restorations if you want them perfect

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The dentist didn't do a bad job.  The problem was the tooth was not in the correct position and the doctor did their best to fill in the gap and make it look as natural as possible.  If you really want it perfect, you should get crowns or veneers on the front two teeth.  The lab will make both teeth look identical.  Removing the bonding will make it look worse in my opinion.

Joseph Proscia, DDS
Bonita Springs Dentist

Can bonding be removed? Will my tooth look the same?

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The bonding can be removed, but since there was some reduction of your tooth, it may not look the same.  Tell your dentist that you are unhappy with the result, and she should be able to remove some or all of the bonding, and redo it so the two teeth are the same size.  If she can't or won't do it, then find a new dentist with artistic should not be difficult to correct the problem.!

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