Is a care giver necessary after a mastopexy or ultimate breast lift?

I am a single 25 year old who wants a breast lift. I don't want my family members to know about it. I openly discuss this with my friends. I really want to get the ultimate breast lift from Dr.Horndeski in Texas (he has this under patent and no one else can perform the ultimate breast lift.) The problem is that I live in Kansas! Asking a friend to travel there and take care of me is a big favor, so I prefer to go alone. Do I really need a caregiver?

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Yes, you are going to need help. Which is one of the many reasons why it is not a good idea to have a procedure done out of state or country. You will need someone to drive you, pick you up and help you out for the first few days at least. Then there is post op care. I would re-consider booking your surgery with a surgeon in your area (link below). Best, Dr. Nazarian

Expulsion from the ASPS if a member even SEEKS to patent a procedure

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It is not possible to patent a procedure and remain in good standing as a certified plastic surgeon.

According to the bylaws of the American Society of Plastic Surgery:

As stated in its Bylaws, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) is organized
Each member may be subject to disciplinary action, including expulsion, if:
The member seeks or obtains a patent for any invention or discovery of a method or process for performing a surgical procedure or employs trade secrets, confidentiality agreements or other methods to limit the availability of medical procedures and the dissemination of medical knowledge.

You absolutely need someone to bring you to a surgical procedure, take you home, and be with you for your postoperative care. Traveling to Texas from Kansas by yourself for a surgical procedure is not even remotely wise.


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You will need someone to drive you from surgery and be with you that night. Also, be careful of false advertising. No doctor can patent a specific procedure. Most procedures are based on the skills of many surgeons over several years. You might want to consider finding a board certified plastic surgeon in your area who can give you the look you want AND be there for all your follow up visits, especially should a complication occur.

Need a caregiver

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For a general anesthetic,you will need to be released into the care of an adult for the first night. Ask your PS if they can provide you with a person to assist you that first night. After that, most patients in my practice would do okay on their own. Good luck.

Surgery and recovery

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It is important to have someone pick you up from surgery and stay with your during the early post-op period.   Best to ask your surgeon.

Need responsible adult after surgery

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You can not patent an operative procedure. You can trade mark or service mark a name.  Much like Life Style Lift trade marked the name not the procedure.  As for your question you must have a responsible adult with your after any surgery especially if performed under general anesthesia. 

Post op care

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Hi,  I understand your issues.  Often, the surgeon can arrange to keep you overnight at the facility or  he can recommend   a service to  assist you.   It is best to have someone  available for a day  or 2 after the surgery.  Speak to your surgeon about your travel plans also, as you do not want to drive or fly too soon after your surgery.
  Good Luck.  Dr Bev


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I absolutely recommend an escort after any procedure, especially a far away destination. Post anesthesia, on pain medication, you need to be safely observed and cared for to avoid risks and complications. You should not travel long distances, especially alone, post op either.

Proper pre and post op planning with your plastic surgeon is an essential part of consultation to avoid disastrous post operative events. 

Is a care giver necessary after a mastopexy or ultimate breast lift?

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yes I would advise that you have someone with you the first day or two after breast lift. Of course follow your surgeons advice.

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