Fraxel (1550 Nm) Vs CO2 FX

Hello I would like to know wich one is better between the fraxel (1550 nm) and the CO2 FX I have received tratment for acne scars but I have not seen results yet. The only thing is that the Fraxel has a better healing time. Thank you

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Acne scar treatment with Fraxel

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There is no doubt, that per treatment, the Carbon dioxide laser (CO2, Fraxel Repair and other brands) will produce better results than the 1550nm. Fraxel Restore laser, but the Fraxel Repair is not meant to be used as a series of treatments, and I find that a series of Fraxel Restore laser treatments, with minimal down-time (although redness, which can be covered with makeup for 3 - 5 days typically) produces striking improvement in the acne scars. The Fraxel Repair laser may require 12 days for full healing and there may be redness for a while after this. Patients can go out to dinner, after Fraxel Restore, but not Fraxel Repair.

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