Why's There a Sloshing Feeling/sound in my Breasts After Traveling to High Altitudes?

I got silicone implants about 5 years ago and have since been traveling to Tahoe (high elevation) over the past year. The first time I went I noticed a lot of sloshing noises and sloshing feelings in both breasts (others could hear it if they stood close enough to me). After traveling back down to sea level, it seemed to have disappeared. However, after multiple trips to Tahoe I've noticed the sloshing continues once I'm back home. What's the cause of this? Should I be alarmed?

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Sloshing noises in breasts

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If your surgery was 5 years ago and you are hearing sloshing noises in your breasts, that is something that should be evaluated.  Sloshing would indicate that there is fluid around the implants. This is not  uncommon in the early postoperative period but resolves quickly.   Higher elevations should have no impact on breast implants, I think that relationship  is coincidental. 

There are some rare complications that include accumulation of fluid around the implants.  This is something that needs further work up and attention.  I would recommend a return visit to your surgeon sooner than later.

Douglas Hargrave,M.D.

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