Why? 8 Weeks Post, PS Want to Move Muscle On Top of Implants? (photo)

I am now at 8 weeks post ops and my PS wants to make an incision in the crease and move my muscle on top of implant why after 8 weeks would he want to do this. I had loss of blood flow due to tension when stitched he waited until last week do debri now this... What should I do? I just want this to be over. Is it normal to wait so long to take action when the wound wasnt getting better just worse?

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Absolutely NOT !  Assessment of your photos demonstrates no exposure of the underlying implant.  Open wounds are colonized or contaminated with bacteria, and exposing the implant could result in infection and loss of the implant..The best option here is to allow this to heal by itself, and surprisingly these healed wounds often look quite acceptable. 
Surgical intervention here would normally not be recommended, except for debridement.  I would consider other opinions from experienced surgeons in your area before pursuing any other surgical options. 

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You should just let this heal and then worry about any revision surgey that you may need. I recommend against any other surgery this early. If your surgeon thinks that yoru implant is exposed and that is why he want to move it under the muscle, then perhaps removal of your implants altogether would be best. It is difficult to "salvage" an exposed implant and would likely require long term antibiotics to prevent infection. I agree with my colleague that perhaps a second opinion (or third) would be helpful. 

Why? 8 Weeks Post, PS Want to Move Muscle On Top of Implants

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I would strongly suggest a second opinion before allowing any operation that would expose the implant in the current state of this wound. There are certainly bacteria in the open wound, and moving the implant in this setting runs a high risk of causing an implant infection, which will start a cascade of new operations, beginning with removal of the infected implant. 

I am not sure what the reason for moving the implant is -- you would have to ask the surgeon for the rationale.

All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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