Why Are Laser Treatments So Expensive?

Laser treatments are almost as expensive as surgery, but they can be used over and over and don't even require a doctor to administer the treatments. So...why so pricey?

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I would agree with Ms. Haney's analysis, with one caveat...

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I would agree with Ms. Haney's analysis, with one caveat. Surgery isn't always more expensive than laser treatments. Most laser treatments require multiple treatments to obtain the desired results. Though each treatment may only be several hundred dollars, the total cost of all treatments will be several thousand dollars.

Given that these treatments occur over a period of time, the time investment must also be taken into account. For this same amount money - or possibly slightly more - and the same amount of time commitment, definitive surgery could have been done.

Surgery is not always the answer and sometimes laser treatments can be just as good. It is important to research the procedures you are considering and get the opinion of a practioner who has several treatment options in his bag of tricks. If a surgeon is able to offer you surgery or laser treatments, it is in his best interest to offer the treatment which would produce the best results. Alternatively if you only get the opinion of someone who is only able to offer one treatment option, they may not know the results that can be achieved with other modalities.

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