Location of Tummy Tuck Drainage Tubes

Where are the drain tubes exit point in a tummy tuck? Do they go through the incision or are other incisions made on the belly?

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Where do the drains come out after a tummy tuck?

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Some surgeon have the drains come out the sides of the tummy tuck incision while other prefer to have it come out below your incision through a small hole in the pubic area.  This incision, if made, is very discrete after it heals.  

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Tummy Tuck Drain Location

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The drain position is not that important. Just in case there is a widened scar most surgeons place it in the hair bearing portion of the mons so as to be less noticeable.

Surgeos do both, best to ask your surgeon

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Many surgeons use two drains for tummy tucks.  Years ago, I found that by preserving some of the tissue on the abdominal wall, the risk of fluid accumulation (seroma) is greatly reduced.  I only use one drain.  I prefer to have this drain exit the wound in the right pubic portion so there is no additional scar.  However, many surgeons use a separate drain hole.  The scar is usually low down within the bikini area and not exposed.

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Where do the drains go?

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i favor bringing the drains out through the ends of the incision, however, small wounds can be made in relatively inconspicuous areas to allow the drain to not interfere with healing. I don't think it's a big issue either way. if you feel strongly discuss it with your surgeon, they will probably be happy to accomodate you with this detail.

Rafael C. Cabrera, MD
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