Who Should Consider a Lifestyle Lift?

I am curious who would make a good candidate for the Lifestyle lift.

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Lifestyle Lift: Definitely Not for Everyone

Who should consider Lifestyle Lift? As of today, 73% of Lifestyle Lift patients reporting on this website (199 reviews) are unhappy. If this was the situation in my practice, I would have to close my doors.

So my advice to anyone considering this procedure is please do your research. The marketing for Lifestyle Lift is very overblown and does not tell the whole story. Many of the results shown appear to have been multi-hour procedures and are not results that your average Lifestyle Lift journeyman will be able to achieve in "about an hour". Remember that there are two people responsible for your result in a Facelift procedure: You and your Surgeon. Therefore, choose the Surgeon, not a hyped-up quickie procedure performed by journeymen surgeons.

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Who should have minilifts lifestyle etc?

In my opinion, no one should consider any variety of amini-lift.  If a facelift is indicated, the most important part of the lift is the change of the SMAS, the deep structure of the face.  Any mini-lift will either inappropriately address the SMAS or ignore it completely.  The result is either not noticible or even more likely bizarre and unnatural.  Stay away from these procedures.  Look at comments and see how many practitioners that are truly trained in plastic and reconstructive surgery approve of these techniques.  You will be hard pressed to find one.  Wonder why?  When people have complications from all kinds of branded mini-lifts they dont go back to the non plastic surgeon that performed it- they go to plastic and reconstructive surgeons for correction.  Practitioners in other fields such as dermatology and ENT might perform these techniques innocently as they never see their bad outcomes and are thus oblivious to the consequences.  Visit a plastic and reconstructive surgeon that can guide you to the right intervention for you which might not even be a facelift.



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Rian A. Maercks M.D.

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Indications for a lower facelift and necklift

Hi and thanks for your question.  Lifestyle Lift was one of the first plastic surgery practices to market lower facelifts under local anesthesia and oral sedation. The concept became so popular that many private practices now have similar marketed names for their facelifts under local anesthesia.

So, any patient who is looking to rejuvenate the neck and lower face may be a candidate for a "lower facelift and neck lift".  Specifically, sagging jowl and loose neck and older than 40 years old in general are surgical indications.  Again, there are now different marketing names for these types of Lifts.  The success of a Lifestyle Lift or any type of branded lift is dependent on the surgeon. The best facelift surgeons are highly experienced and board certified and have performed thousands of facial rejuvenation procedures.  

With the ultimate closing of Lifestyle Lift, there remain the best former Lifestyle Lift surgeons out there who are experts in facial rejuvenating procedures under local anesthesia. Fortunately, many of these surgeons are now in private practice. If you are seeking to rejuvenate your face and neck, please carefully research online in your area to find a surgeon who has successfully performed thousands of local anesthesia face and neck lifts.

Raymond E. Lee, MD
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You need an individual evaluation

What makes a good candidate for any cosmetic procedure depends on your particular anatomy and your individual concerns.  The solution should be carefully tailored to your needs.  That's how this question should be approached.

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Candidate for a facelift

 A good candidate for a facelift is usually man or a woman in her 50s or 60s who starting to show the signs of aging. This will include the jowls, anterior neck cords, submental fatty deposits, and lax neck and facial skin.  In our office we perform a comprehensive lower face and neck lift to tighten up the neck muscles in 3 locations, tightening up the jowls and facial muscles, removal of fatty deposits in the neck, and tightening in the inelastic facial and neck skin. For many examples, please see the link below to our facelift photo gallery to get an idea of what can be accomplished with a full face neck lift.

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Who is a good candidate for a lifestyle lift

A lifestyle lift is a trademark that is, essentially, a lower third face lift performed through either a SMAS imbrication or plication technique. Lifestyle lift is by no means the only office or practice where you can have a lower third facelift. Most facial plastic and plastic surgeons are well trained and can perform this procedure without difficulty.

Patient's who are good candidates for a lifestyle lift are those who have experienced aging in the lower third of the face including the jowls and neck. The muscle (SMAS) and fat in the cheeks sags over the jawline, obscuring the jawline creating an aged apearance. The neck muscle (platysma) sags and can give a turkey neck appearance. A lower third facelift will anchor the SMAS and the platysma muscle in the more youthful, natural position.

One of the questions that you need to ask yourself is whether or not you are a good candidate to do this procedure under local anesthetic. While there are many benefits to doing surgery under local anesthetic, not everyone is a good candidate. Discuss the entire process with your surgeon to make sure that you are a good candidate and are comfortable with the entire experience. Good luck!

Todd C. Miller, MD
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Who is a good Lifestyle Lift candidate?

The Lifestyle lift procedure is a great alternative for a patient that does not want to have general or twilight sleep anesthesia for their procedure.

  • It is an alternative for people with relaxation of the lower 1/3 of the face and neck.
  • Patients that do not want or wish to have the risks of general anesthesia.
  • You can add eyelid procedures and other alternatives for more facial rejuvenation.

The most important factor to consider is to have your consultation with the physician in order to create a good relationship and maximize the results of your procedure. Always trust your face to a Facial Plastic Surgeon.

Gustavo A. Diaz, MD
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The LSL is good at correcting laxity in the neck and...

The LSL is good at correcting laxity in the neck and lower third of the face.

  • Those with more residual elasticity and less excess laxity in the skin make for better LSL candidates.
  • An exam and consultation with your plastic surgeon is the best way to assess your candidacy and set realistic expectations.

John G. Westine, MD
Delray Beach Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Best Candidates for Mini-lifts such as LifeStyle Lift, Lite Lift, MACS, etc

If performed by an experienced and skilled board certified plastic surgeon you should have long lasting resultssuch as  LifeStyle Lift, Lite Lift, MACS

The best candidates for a mini-face lift have  mild to moderate facial aging especially of the lower face and upper neck. The mini-lifts focus on this region and seem to have many marked names such as LifeStyle Lift, S-Lift, Quick Lift, LiteLift, MACS and many  others.

Remember it is the skill and experience of the surgeon that counts not the name !!  Great surgeons get great results, period. The best way to find one is to start with a  Board Certified Plastic Surgeon  or Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon with extensive experience over many years. Ask to see before and after photos, especially long term ones. and ask about the follow up care such as the number of times you will be seen afterwards by the surgeon rather than a medical assistant.

Larry S. Nichter, MD, MS, FACS
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A good candidate is someone who is motivated

Overall I think a good candidate for Lifestyle Lift is an individual who is motivated; motivated simply to make a positive difference in their appearance. Through the ravages of time, simply as we get older things change; we don’t look as good and refreshed and youthful as we did in our 20s and early 30s. Lifestyle Lift specifically addresses the major concerns, which is the lower part of the face, the jowls, the laugh lines, the marionette lines, the sagging, the fullness, the aging appearance issues. The best patient for a Lifestyle Lift is the individual who is motivated to look better. There tends to be an assortment of ages, all the way from late 30s to early 80s and each individual has unique anatomy and specific concerns. Nonetheless, addressing the major areas of aging in the lower part of the face provides significant improvement in one’s overall sense of youthfulness and looking better.

David Q. Santos, MD
Bellevue Facial Plastic Surgeon
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