Who is a Good Candidate for Fraxel Repair?

I'm 38 years old with fine lines under eye area and eye bags. I'm on a photo-sensitizing drug (Amitriptyline) and I had Medlite laser treatment in July 2008. I'm very dissappointed as it didn't bring any noticable results. Now I'm thinking of getting more aggresive treatment to remove my fine lines and baggy eyes.

I've heard that people taking photo-sensitizing drugs must not do any light or laser treatment. Is this true? If the answer to the first question is yes what kind of Fraxel is more suitable to reverse my aging skin, Re:store or Re:pair? If the answer is no, would you be so kind to recommend me any other cosmetic treatments (except botox and fillers) that can solve my skin problem ?

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You probably need the botox and fillers instead of what you are looking for!

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The old way of treating bags under the eyes was to either cut them out or laser the area to improve them. While this did help, it didn't leave people with the best of looks (somewhat odd looking over time).

On the other hand, Botox and fillers recreate the look you had 10 to 15 years ago and leave you looking better without looking overprocessed. While lasers like the Fraxel re:pair can do a great job for 'crepey' looking skin, they don't really do that much for bags under the eyes, so I wouldn't necessarily recommend them unless you have a lot of wrinkles. Whatever plan you do, botox and fillers should be an integral part of the plan and leaving them out is like decorating your house and keeping the dingy walls and carpet the same.

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