Who Has Experience Removing Fat Graft Nodules from Upper Lip?

I had a one time fat transfer in 1993, fat taken from inner knee. Can the fat regenerate if it is not completley removed?

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Fat grafting nodule in lips

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The best way to excise old fat injection lumps is by direct removal through a corner of the mouth excision just inside the mouth. Often, the lumpiness can be removed and replaced with non traumatized fat fascial grafts (LiveFill).

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Fat transfers have become more predictable

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In 1993, the techniques included dermal fat grafts, fascial fat grafts and traumatized fat grafts, all of which could cause your problem. Surgical excision from behind the lipo would get rid of the lump. When the swelling resolves, Viafill fat transfer would create a great result.

Robert M. Freund, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Fat grafting to the upper lip

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There are many ways to augment the upper lip. Fat is an effective technique but sometimes has unpredictable results. Keep in mind that whenever we transplant fat from one area to buy into another, approximately 20 percent will melt away. Unfortunately, we are not able to control which 20% will resolve on its own. For this reason, fat grafting to the lip may create and unpredictable or an uneven results. If you have fat nodules in your upper lip they almost always can be easily excised with a small incision that should leave no scar in the mucosal portion of your lip

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