Pink Skin Color After Pixel Laser at Med Spa?

I had Alma pixel laser at Med spa 3 onths ago and have a distinct pink color line where laser was used from jaw lime up. Should this have faded by now? Could laser setting been to high? The lady that did it at Med spa said after second treatment the pink would fade? Please help friends recommend me see dermotoligst it is hard to pick up the line in a picture that is why did not include any....

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Pink skin color after Pixel treatment

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Redness in the first few days after treatment are a given and may persist for a few weeks or longer depending on the settings used.  This redness gradually fades with sun avoidance and daily sunscreen use.  Since significant risks are involved with the Pixel procedure and suboptimal results may be obtained in experienced hands, it should only be performed by board-certified dermatologists or plastic surgeons who are experienced with the procedure.  I recommend that you have an in-person evaluation with a physician to determine your best course of action and rule out possible scarring, which more commonly occurs along the jawline when too aggressive settings are used.  Good luck!

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