Whitening, Polishing and Scaling?

I'm going to a dentist the day after tomorrow to have my teeth whitened with lasers and peroxide, polished and cleaned. My teeth look ok as it is, but I'd like to have an extraordinary smile. But I'm afraid for the health of my teeth! I'm only 18 and I need these teeth to last for at least some 40 more years. Could whitening damage teeth? As I don't need the whitening, should I take this risk? Also, can polishing damage my teeth? Please be brutally honest, I don't want to regret doing this

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You'll be fine

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Polishing and scaling can only improve your hygiene, making your teeth last longer, not shorter.  Healthy gums add to a beautiful smile.  As for bleaching, it only removes stains and does no harm to your teeth.  You may experience some sensitivity the day of the procedure which is normal, but after that, your teeth will be fine.


Los Angeles Dentist

Whitening, Polishing and Scaling

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Whitening, polishing and Scaling will absolutely NOT damage your teeth, if done by a qualified licensed dentist and hygienist. Polishing and scaling can only HELP your gums and periodontal status. Whitening will make your teeth look better, not harm them.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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