Can I Whiten 4 Year Old Veneers?

They Are Still "White" but They're Starting to Get Yellow...what Do I Do? I've spoken to dentist in the past, and they said there is a way, but it is costly! :(

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Can't whiten veneers

Whitening methods only work on tooth structure. Veneers, crowns and tooth colored fillings can't really be whitened. I'm afraid the only way to get your veneers lightened to the color you want is to replace them.

Cleveland Dentist
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Whitening existing veneers

Depending on what cement was used to place your veneers, it may be discoloring over time. Some dual cure cements change color over time. Also, depending on the base shade of your natural teeth under the veneers, if they are darkening, that may be showing through also.  The dentist who placed them may be able to tell if it's a cement or tooth color issue. If it's a cement issue, the only solution is to replace the veneers.

Gerilyn Alfe, DMD
Chicago Dentist
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Porcelain veneers cannot be whitened

Discoloring of veneers can be caused by many factors.  If the wrong cement is used, it can turn yellow over time, or if decay has leaked underneath, shades can be affected.

In any case, the only solution is to replace the veneers.

Lance Timmerman, DMD, MAGD
Seattle Dentist
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