Why I Do Have White Spots in the Pupil or Sometimes Like a White Shadow?

i Have done an eyelid surgery, cause i was suffering from a full ptosis due to the removal of an optic nerve meningioma. its been 2 month that i have done the eyelid surgery and i see like complete white spots from down and the middle. my cornea is very sensitive cause i lost the sensation in it, can it be that serious?

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See Ophthalmologist For Spots ASAP

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I am not sure if you are saying that you see spots in your vision or you see spots on the surface of your cornea, but either way you should see an ophthalmologist AT ONCE to find out why.  Spots in your vision (floaters) can be signs of a retinal tear.  Spots on the cornea can be a corneal ulcer.  Either way, please get a thorough eye exam immediately.  The ophthalmologist who performed your eyelid surgery will probably want to see you right away if you call his or her office and describe your symptoms.

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