White Spot from Scar on Upper Lip, Are There Options To Remove Scar?

Hey, 3 years ago I accidentaly came in contact with a sharp object on my upper lip, it resulted in a tiny cut. Now 3 years later the scars still visible, the area around it is dark (might be the light) and the scar itself is whiter than the skin, so it sticks out. I'm a african male with the disease EDS (Ehler Danlos Syndrome) so I feel safer asking for guidance before any surgery. What should I do in order to hide it more? Is a surgical operation worth it concider my EDS?

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White upper lip scar

Your main treatment option to consider for the white scar on your upper lip is a surgical scar revision which will likely improve things and clear the white color, although you'll still have a small scar.

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