Can Juvederm be causing an allergic reaction?

I got half a syringe of Juvederm injected into my lips about five to six weeks ago. Bruising was minimal however I have been dealing with peeling, cracked, dry itchy lips ever since. Specifically when I wear lipstick/liner my lips itch and tiny little bumps appear. The lipstick are brands that I've worn for years with no issue before I had the Juvederm injections. Is it possible the Juvederm has triggered an allergy to lipstick? Hydrocortisone cream seems to calm my lips once the itching starts.

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Juvederm and Allergic Reaction

The dryness that you are describing is not a typical reaction.  I would return to your treating dermatologist for patch testing and evaluation to determine the nature of your reaction.  Best, Dr. Green

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