Sores under breast. Do these look like normal spitting stitches or something more serious? (photos)

What does this mean for my breasts? I'm so upset my healing process was going great until about a week ago. I started to develop these painful wounds. I went back to my surgeon and he pulled some spitting stitches out but he said this could be because I was laying on my stomach. (I started sleeping on my stomach 3 weeks after the surgery). He says he doesn't really know what caused it, could be a number of things. He put me on an antibiotic and a topical cream for the wounds. He says he thinks it will heal but I am so nerveous!

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Relax, trust your surgeon. This will heal and be fine. Areas of slower healing are common in breast lifting and local care is all they need usually. Scar revision is also unlikely.

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Wound issue

It looks like you had some wound breakdown of the lower incision.  Often local wound care heals this up pretty nicely. Best to follow your surgeon's instructions.

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Breast scars


Thanks for the question adn for the photos.  Sorry you are experiencing some issues.

It appears that the lower portion of both incisions opened a bit.  This is the area that it happens to most often.  The incisions usually heal over fine, sometimes requiring a short revision surgery (if indicated several months later).  I'm glad your surgeon is treating it emperically with an antibiotic.

Best of luck.

Dr. T

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Poor wound healing after breast surgery

Thanks for reaching out.  Your wounds have started to come apart.  It is hard to say what caused it, but movin foward I would definitely keep pressure off of your breasts.  The scars will likely be widened but can be revised after they are fully healed and your swelling goes down.

I hope this helps :)

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