I had a TT on 7/2/16. I have a protruding bulge in my lower abdomen. (Photo)

I had a full tt on 7/1/16..I have a protruding bulge in my lower abdomen...my doctor said that he may need to go in and tighten my lower ab muscles... Shouldn't that have been done during the full TT? Why would a ps decide not to tighten lower ab muscle? Also, why wouldn't he pull more skin down? My original belly button looks horrible!

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Lower abdomen bulge

First, you are still very swollen due to the surgery and trauma in your body. Secondly, most doctors don't perform liposuction on the abdomen at the same time as they do a tummy tuck, if you had fat in your upper abdomen previous to surgery, now it will be located on your lower abdomen. This can be removed in the future with liposuction. It is very common for post-op tummy tuck patients to have this type of results.

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Tummy tuck postop

One month postop, the most common bulge is a seroma, if there is a fluid wave, aspiration might help. See your plastic surgeon to consider this common complication after abdominoplasty surgery. Not everyone needs repair of diastasis rectue, most plastic surgeons do consider this. Feel better...

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I had a TT on 7/2/16. I have a protruding bulge in my lower abdomen.

Thank you for your question and for sharing your photographs.  In general patients receiving a tummy tuck do benefit from concomitant muscle repair to help cinch in the waist and lead to a flatter overall appearance.  You will have to discuss with your surgeon what he found at the time of your surgery that caused him to not repair your abdominal muscles.  Remember that at one month from surgery you may also have a significant soft tissue swelling that may be causing your lower abdominal bulge.  As a result I would voice your concerns to your surgeon, they are in the best position to help diagnose the cause of your current surgical appearance.  

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