What Are These 2 White Pimples on the Scar of my Chin Implant? Pls. Help

I had my chin implant about a month and a half ago. It healed nicely. Today I noticed 2 white pimples on top of the scar. Could it be from the sun or the chlorine water of my pool? Or Is it because it's blocking the hair, also I haven't shaved in three days and the hair around is all scruffy and sort of itchy. (It doesn't feel hard at all almost like a dead skin + I have a normal temperature of 98.7 so I'm assuming it's not too infected yet...) Thanks for your help docs. Have a good day!

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Pimples on the scar

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Hard to tell from the picture, you must see your surgeon. The most common things are: a stich,  a pimple, and or an infection. There is also redness around the incision, so if there is an infection it must be treated.

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