Consult for Alarplasty.

So a few months ago I posted a question on here to find a doctor in MD who does alarplasty. So I found a doctor and went in for an consult. However, my concern is I don't think he understands what I want. On my quote it say, "tip plasty" but I don't want anything done with the tip of my nose. He wants to charge $5703.00 that seem kind of steep for such a minor procedure.

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Alar plasty

Alarplasty is very different and a tip plasty.

Communication between the patient and the surgeon is critical to getting the correct procedure and good outcome.  You should go back you surgeon and explained in detail using a mirror and a Q-tip to point out the exact change you wish.


Dr. J

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Hi and thanks for the question. It certainly sounds like there is some confusion between yourself and your surgeon as to what the plan of surgery entails. It is vital that you clear this up before proceeding with surgery. You should either have another discussion with the surgeon that you have already seen or get a second opinion from another surgeon and make sure that you understand each other about what you see as the problem and about how it is to be fixed. Do not proceed until you are sure that the treatment matches your concerns

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Nostril reduction vs. Alarplasty

Sounds like you need some clarification from your surgeon and I recommend a secondary consultation with him to make certain you two are on the same page.

Make sure that he understands exactly what you are looking for, that he fully explains the procedure to your satisfaction, and that you understand his fees for the procedure. Ask him if it's possible for him to preview your results using imaging software. I find this is an essential communication tool before undergoing rhinoplasty. (Of course, if you didn't get a great vibe during your initial consultation and generally didn't like him, seek another rhinoplasty expert.) Good luck. -Randolph Capone, MD, FACS    

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Alar plasty

Then if you are not satisfied, you should go for another consultation with another doctor. Best of luck.

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It is difficult to comment on the surgical quote. However, being on the same page with your surgeon is of the utmost importance. I would suggest getting a second opinion to get another perspective. Best of luck. 

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Obviously a successful consultation depends upon accurate communication. It sounds like you and your doctor are not on the same page. best to have a different consultation and make sure you are getting the answers you really want.

Ira D. Papel, MD
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