What is safest and most effective for volume filling in hollow areas around temples Restylane , Sculptra or fat graft?

I have some very hollowed areas in my temple region, lacking fat and perhaps muscle, from prior surgery, and I want to know if fat filler or ready-to-use fillers are best for volume correction and is usage of fat filler, the thicker filler, related to a higher risk for vascular occlusions and irreversible events?

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Temple Areas

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Fat Grafting can be done within these areas with good success.  Harvested fat is cleaned and transfers just over the temporals muscle to avoid lumps in the region.  I variety of fillers are also excellent in this area, including Sculptra, Juvaderm UP XC, Perlane, and Radiesse.  Fat grafting can partially resorb over time, but what stays will be permanent, where as the longest life filler of the above is Sculptra, with a 16-24 month longevity.

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