Are artificial dermal injections like Sculptra or fat grafting injections better and safer for filling extreme temporal hollows?

Given extremely hollow temples with little to no fat due to prior surgery for tumor removal, is fat grafting or : Hyaluronic Acid injections more recommended for efficacy and safety?

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Filling extremely hollow temples

Temples that need a lot of volume should use a combination of Sculptra and HA or Bellafill. When injected deeply, as Sculptra is, the volume corrected is not complete. I will often add a superficial injection of another filler to complete the fill. Bellafill is nice because it lasts essentially forever.

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#Sculptra, # HyaluronicAcidFillers or fat for hollow temples?

Dear racheal7:All three techniques are equally safe, the safety of any injectable being dependent upon more upon the skill of the injector than other factors.Sculptra is a wonderful filler to use in this area and would be less expensive than HA or fat.    Having fat injections is a bit more complex in that the fat has to be harvested and stored, and the longevity is unpredictable.I hope this is helpful to you.  Dr. Clark  

Sheryl D. Clark, MD
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Fat graft, Sculptra or Hyaluronic Acid fillers for temporal hollows

Dear Racheal7:Good question. Each is complementary to the other.Historically, fat has been used well over 150 years to fill defects from tumor removal and injury and now cosmetically. Its upside is that if you have the fat to harvest, it can be transferred to another site. The downside is that on average 30% will survive with each transfer.You may require sedation anesthesia. Sculptra is considered a bio-stimulant of collagen formation. This provides the temples a bit more convexity and also requires multiple sessions of injection. It is typically performed under local anesthesia. Hyaluronic acid fillers are a gel-like substance which attracts water to increase in volume. While performed under local anesthesia, they typically last no more than 8 months. My recommendation is to consider 1 to 2 sessions of Sculptra to provide the increased foundation and improved circulation to the area and the fat grafting for hopefully a better survival of the graft. Once you are near the volume desired, you can return to Sculptra for continued stimulation of volume growth.Without knowing what the deformity looks like, other options exist including flaps from adjacent and distant sites to fill a deformity. Please consider a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon consultation to evaluate and make recommendations to you. I wish you the best!

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Temporal Hollowing

Sculptra, Fat grafting and hyaluronic acid are all considered safe and efficacious for restoring lost volume.  Sculptra and HA are quick and easy to fill hollow temples but fat grafting is more permanent and can give more correction in a single session.  An in-person consultation is best to review the options.

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Filling Hollow Temples

Filling of hollow temples can help to frame the face, elevate the brow and create balance with the lower face.  Treatment varies depending on patient characteristics.  Volumizing fillers like Radiesse or stimulatory fillers like Sculptra tend to be the most cost-effective choice because of the need to larger volumes.  Hyaluronic acid fillers are a good choice but usually require multiple syringes for significant effect.  Fat transfer can be a great and longer lasting option but usually involved multiple procedures and potentially more downtime.  Safety doesn't really depend on the type of filler in the temple area but rather injection technique and anatomy.

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Scultra is excellent for filling temporal hollows.  Other products such as Voluma and Restylane are nice as well.  The choice of filler is customized to the patient and the area being treated.
Good Luck

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Good question!  I love Sculptra for hollow temples. The product is incredible. A fat transfer to the temples is also a great idea.

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