White Bumps Under Skin After Cellulaze Surgery, is This Normal?

I had cellulaze done 3weeks ago and have these white bumps under my skin where my cellulaze was done, and some little hard pellets under the skin also, is this normal, and does it go away in time, I also got smart lipo around my knees , which also have the same problem with the bumps, I'm still swollen a little also, part of me thinks it's the lidocaine that they injected to numb me, what is your professional opinion?

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White bumps after cellulaze

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cellulaze is a heated laser fiber that can melt the septae of fibrous bands that give the skin a dimpled surface. additionally it can also melt some of the fat at the tip of the laser fiber to provide some fat reduction and skin tightening. understand that this is a heated laser fiber underneath your skin and it can cause mild skin burns under your skin just like smart Lipo or any other laser for that purpose. my best advice to you would be to please consult with your doctor and make sure this is a normal response 

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White Bumps Under Skin After Cellulaze Surgery, is This Normal

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Very hard to answer without a posted photo. Best to see your Cellulaze doctor ASAP. I do not believe this is lidocaine issue. Please post a photo or give follow up. regards 

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