White Bumps After Pearl Laser

I'm into my fifth day after Pearl Laser and my skin looks great. However, I also have white bumps that look more like pimples with white in them. Will these go away on their own?

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White bumps after Pearl

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Small white bumps (milia) that resemble pimples (but aren't) are very common after Pearl.  They should resolve on their own soon but if not have them addressed by the physician/provider that performed the treatment when you return for follow up.  They are easy to take care of if they need to be but if you try anything too aggressive like popping them or putting pimple cream on them you could damage your new skin.  So, if they don't resolve in the next few days, make sure you follow up and have them taken care of.


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White bumps after a Pearl laser are temporary and will go away.

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The white bumps you describe are called "milia" and are areas where the epidermis that is resurfacing the skin has block a superficial gland.  As you maintain hygiene of your skin by washing, these can be teased away with a Q-tip or wash cloth.  They may remerge for a few weeks but will ultimatey quit forming.

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