Can a Permanent tooth that has been positioned incorrectly be repositioned? (photo)

My permanent crown recently came out. I have had it cemented back in, but it is not symmetrical with the other side. The other issue is since it is quite white (which matches my other teeth) it looks even more off colour next to my other front tooth (a root canal tooth that is slightly greying.... Going next week to get it internally bleached). Will the dentist be able to pop off the crown and reposition it without damaging it? It is also a root canal tooth and therefore cemented to a post.

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Two #crowns would be best #DrSoftTouch

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Hello there,
Unfortunately your crown can not be "popped off" and repostitioned to your liking.  The best cosmetic solution would be to replace your current crown and crown the grey, adjacent tooth at the same time. I would recommend seeing an experienced cosmetic dentist to determine your options. I always recommend viewing before and after photos of actual patients of the dentist that you are considering. This will give you a pretty good indication of what you can expect. Good luck and I hope this info helps you. Follow me if you have more questions.

Sarah Thompson, DMD
St. Louis, MO Area (O'Fallon, IL)

Crowns are designed to STAY

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Crowns do not simply pop off when we want, they are securely adhered to teeth.  The most common method to remove them is to cut them off (destroying it).  Even more concerning is the fact that the tooth is a root canal treated tooth with a post, making it MUCH more fragile (prone to fracture).  Any type of "popping" can be catastrophic.  The best thing to do is simply make 2 new crowns that are the same size, shape, and color.

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