I had a Tummy Tuck & lipo in my inner thighs about 2 weeks ago. Now I feel a hard muscle that feels like a rope. Is this normal?

Drain was inserted in the crease of my groin and leg.

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I had a Tummy Tuck & lipo in my inner thighs about 2 weeks ago. Now I feel a hard muscle that feels like a rope. Is this normal?


Thank you for the question. The best is to visit your surgeon for follow up and check up but normally this is normally during recovery period.

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See your surgeon

This is something that can't really be diagnosed over the internet. Schedule an appointment to see your surgeon. It could simply be post op swelling, but always best to err on the side of caution -- Dr. Nazarian

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I had a Tummy Tuck & lipo in my inner thighs about 2 weeks ago. Now I feel a hard muscle that feels like a rope. Is this normal

Hello, thank you for your question. Two weeks is early to determine what your final results will be, but you may experience some swelling and there could be fluid called a seroma forming or possibly an infection. I suggest you contact your PS to be evaluated. This will alleviate your concerns and address any possible problems if necessary. Best Wishes!

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Tummy tuck and lipo post-op

Dear biancajensen,

A tummy tuck with repair of the rectus abdominis muscle, belly button repair, skin removal with adjunctive liposuction of the inner/outer thighs and hips is a big cosmetic operative procedure. At 2 weeks there are many contours and palpable irregularities that will be disconcerting and concerning to patients. Ropey structures, thick areas are very common, however, at 2 weeks it is important to rule out treatable issues such as a seroma, which is fluid under the skin or impending soft tissue infection. Following up with your operative surgeon is the best way to reassure both you and him or her that no untoward post-operative healing is occurring. At 2 weeks following such extensive surgery irregularities and firm contours is the norm and over many months your shape and figure will improve and soften and I’m sure you’ll end up with an excellent result.

Seek out the advice of your operating surgeon immediately to reassure yourself and them that all is going well.

I hope this information is of some assistance and best of luck.

To find out more, please visit the link below. Also visit the liposuction areas.

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Hard muscles after liposuction

It would be best for you to return to your PS so an examination of the area can be done to determine what you are feeling and the possible treatment for it.  Good luck.

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A hard muscle that feels like a rope.

Without examination or photo, I don't understand what you are referring to.
You may be feeling the drain or contour irregularities from liposuction.
Your plastic surgeon should be the best resource for your question and concern.
Best regards.

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