I had my treatment Saturday, and feel like it is getting worse before getting better, is this normal? (photos)

I had my treatment done Saturday and was told by 4 days it will be fine to go back to work and that I can put make up on. I was given oil and told to give a good rub when washing and putting the oil on as this would get rid of the dead skin which I have been doing but I feel like it is making it go back to weeping and is sore, is this normal? Can I do anything else to help the procedure along?

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Fraxel Dual results

It's not clear to me if you had the Fraxel Dual treatment, but if you did, this certainly does not look normal at 4 days out. The face is more red than I am use to seeing. I would avoid rubbing the skin. I would followup with your physician ASAP as an infection is likely. It is also possible that you have a reaction to one of the products you are using on your skin post procedure. Again, it is very important that you followup with your treating physician as soon as possible.

Miami Physician
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Post procedure.

Thank you for your question. I am not sure what procedure you had done but it looks like you need to go in for an evaluation. It should not be weeping or sore and infection should be ruled out. Also, it is never goof to rub off the dead skin after a procedure. I would highly advise you return to your treating physician or a board certified dermatologist for an evaluation.

Lenore Sikorski, MD
Orange County Dermatologist
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Fraxel treatment sore after 4 days

I don't think this is normal and needs evaluation soon. It is possible this represents an infection. There is much more redness than I'm used to seeing. I'm assuming this was the Fraxel Dual. If this was the Fraxel re:pair, downtime is longer and this might be normal. In any event, this needs immediate evalation to rule out infection.

Steven F. Weiner, MD
Panama City Facial Plastic Surgeon
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