Which Dermal Filler(s) is Safe to Layer over Artecoll?

I am nearly 66 and I have a couple of lumps from Artecoll. One under my right nostril on my upper lip which is not very visible and another lump which formed after about 6 months on my left cheekbone that is visible. I have been applying pressure to this since it appeared last Sept and it has flattened somewhat. Initially it was quite sore however this is no longer the case. I am quite happy with the way I look at this age and intend to do whatever I can to keep up this appearance. I am seeking all options including a mid-facelift. The photo was taken Sept 15/08. Thank you

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Artefill is back on the market

Treating ArteFill lumps that develop can sometimes be a challenge while still maintaining the integrity and improvement of the product. I recommend for nodules that persist after 6 months, that you see your physician who can place a small needle into the area and manually break apart the nodule or gently extrude it. Another option is an injection of a steroid in low doses name kenalog. Both have worked with equal effectiveness without any significant complications.

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