Where Would I Gain Weight After Smart Lipo?

I'm scheduled for smartlipo in December for u/l abs and flanks. If I were to gain a couple of pounds after the surgery, where would I gain it? Since the fat cell are lasered out of that area, I assume it would go some where else. Any ideas?

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If you do gain weight after lipo, some may come back in the area, most elsewhere

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With laser assited , or ultrasound assisted or traditional liposuction not all of the fat cells are removed.

If all the fat were reoved there would likely be a very unaesthetic look and feel to the skin..

One way to think about lipo is to visualize a honeycomb, with fat in place of the honey. The procedure removes a large fraction of the fat, similar to taking out honey out of many of the compartments.

Some fat is left behind to leave a smooth contour.

So if you take in more calories than you burn your body will store this as fat. Some may come back in the area treated.The majority will go elsewhere. In women the breasts are a significant potential are for fat storage.

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Fat Distribution after Liposuction and Smartliposuction

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It is true that fat is removed during liposuction and Smartliposuction.  Any form of liposuction should not be viewed as a weight loss procedure.  Both procedures are used to contour the body.  To maintain your results you need to have a balanced diet and have regular exercise.  If you gain a few pounds, there really should not be much of a difference.  If you gain more (10 pounds or more) then you may see changes in areas that were not suctions, such as your buttocks or breasts.  Good luck.

Weight Gain after Smart Lipo

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Not all of your fat cells are removed from Smart Lipo, we need to keep some fat cells there to protect the area. If there is a significant amount of weight gain, it is easily distributed.

Bruce E. Katz, MD
New York Dermatologic Surgeon
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