Where Can Someone Find an Invisalign Dentist?

How can someone find a good Invisalign dentist? Is there a directory of Invisalign dentists or do they just have to call local dentists and ask?

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Invisalign Providers Found

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The short answer to finding an Invisalign provider is to look online to Google your local town and use the keyword Invisalign.  This may give you more detailed information by going to websites of providers.  You can also go to Invisalign dot com and put in your zip code to get a direct referral by Align Technology, the maker of Invisalign.  Every community of any size has choices for Invisalign.

Find an Invisalign Premier Provider on the world wide web!

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You can easily find an Invisalign provider in your area by going to invisalign.com. and entering your zip code. Orthodontists will be ranked according to their experience with the Invisalign system - Premier providers at the top of the list. Most orthodontists also have a website. Check each one out to aid in selecting an office that you feel best suits your particular needs.

R. William McNeill, DDS, MS
Mercer Island Orthodontist

Online resources, friends, and dentists to find Invisalign dentist

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You can find an Invisalign provider through Invisalign.com or performing a Google search. Checking out the orthodontist's website is key because it allows you to research more in-depth his/her practice.

Word-of-mouth from patients is great because you will be able to see their ongoing treatment and their treatment results. They can also share with you their overall experience at the practice.

Ask your dentist for an orthodontist that treats patients with invisalign and/or braces and you should get a list of quality doctors. You want an orthodontist in case your Invisalign results are limiting because he/she can complete your correction with braces (as required). This is the best way to assure quality results in smile and aesthetics.

Tony Cucalon III DDS
San Francisco Orthodontist

Invisalign.com find a doctor

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Check out the Invisalign website and click on Find a Doctor.  You will be able to find a provider based upon proximity and experience.  Many providers also have websites that can be easily found using search engines.

Good Luck!

Jason K. Tam, DDS
Toronto Orthodontist

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