When Using YAG, What Would Be the Right Fluence (Energy) in Terms of Joules Per Cm2?

Will This Fluence Differe According to the area that you want to treat? I paid for 7 sessions to treat my whole body. I have an olive skin tone (a little bit lighter) and my dr. recommended that I start with the alexandrite but because my leg was burnt (12 joules), they convinced me to shift to the YAG for the the other leg and the rest areas of the body (22 joules). I would like to know if this is the right fluence to begin with? is it YAG I should keep using?What would be the right fluence for the coming sessions and why?thanks.

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Yag Laser for Olive Skin Tone Hair Removal

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Hi Suzane.  We might suggest a third laser.  If you are olive skin toned, you will likely not get great results on the yag laser.  We usually treat patients on the Yag laser in the 50 - 80 j/cm2 range with the Sciton Profile.  But we typically only treat African Americans or others with VERY coarse hair using the Yag. 

With your skin type, you are better suited for the Diode laser, Lumenis Lightsheer or similar.  This is why it is so important to choose a practice with choices as the type of laser is very important when it comes to your results. 

Click on the link below to get more detailed information about laser hair removal.

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