When to Worry About Mole Injuries?

I have facial mole that was bitten by a parrot, is now very painful, inlarged, infected and skin around is reddened to about a 2 inch area. Actual mole is dime sized.

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Time to Worry

It MAY be said that if your mole was the size that your own parrot grew tired of seeing and took matters into its own beak, you may have waited too long. Moreover, no doctor likes to hear "painful, enlarged, infected and red". The medical term is cellulitis or skin infection.

Do not wait again. It needs to be treated aggressively with antibiotics until the redness goes away. At that time, the remaining mole base needs to be removed to make sure it was not cancerous, and the area stitched properly to obtain a good looking wound.

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Infected mole

Now is the time to worry.

Infection from a bird bite may cause a strange bacterial infection, MYCOBACTERIA. See your Plastic surgeon ASAP

Samir Shureih, MD
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