When Will Macrolane Be Available in the US?

Does anyone know if/when Macrolane will be available for breast enlargement in the US?

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Macrolane and Breasts

Macrolane is a hyaluronic acid product being used in Europe to provide breast augmentation. It is not FDA approved in the US, and no one knows if it ever will be. I recently saw a patient that had this performed in Europe. She actually came in for a breast augmentation consult. Her breasts were unusually firm and lumpy from the product. I wouldn't recommend using it, because it is unclear what the long term sequelae will be.

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Macrolane is not the best choice for what you want

Macrolane is a hyaluronic acid product similar to Juvederm which is currently used in Europe for breast augmentation. Here are the issues with using any hyaluronic product for breast reduction:

FDA safety and efficacy studies have been conducted using relatively small amounts of this product. When using it to treat facial wrinkles we typically use 1-2 cc of the product (2cc of Juvederm costs about $600).

Most breast augmentations require at least 100cc per side to create a noticeable difference in the shape. The cost be prohibitive for US approved products. There is no FDA data that I am aware of using those types of volumes.

In addition, fillers are temporary and reabsorption is a natural sequelae over time, meaning that the improvement in contour would likely be temporary.

And finally - injectables into the breast have the unfortunate possibility of creating calcifications (a part of the scar tissue), which can be difficult to discern from breast cancer.

I hope this helps.

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