When Doing a Tummy Tuck is It Optimal to Have Lipo of Upper Abdomen to Remove More Skin? (photo)

My plastic surgeon wants me to get lipo of the upper abdomen he stated that he will be able to remove more stretch marks and skin if I do this.. is this and if so is this a common practice use to remove more skin and therefore remove more stretch marks? Am I Getting Overcharged?

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Liposuction during Tummy Tuck Surgery?

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Thank you for the question and picture.

You will find that different plastic surgeons have different “policy” regarding liposuction surgery performed during tummy tuck surgery.  Personally, I use liposuctioning as a tool during tummy tuck surgery and do not necessarily charge additional fees.

Care must be taken during the tummy tuck procedure to avoid “excessive” liposuction surgery that may further compromise bloodflow to the abdominal wall flap,  potentially leading to compromised healing and resultant wound healing problems.

I hope this helps.

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