How Can You Tell when the Swelling Has Subsided After a Breast Reduction? (photo)

I had a BR 11/21/12 I'm 25 yo, 5'2, 157lbs. My PS said I should heal to a small d & that I still have a lot of swelling. I feel I’m still too large & still unhappy with the size. How will I know when all the swelling has subsided

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Swelling in breasts

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The majority of the swelling after a breast reduction will come down within 12 weeks or so. There will be residual swelling that can last for 6 months or longer.

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Swelling after Breast Reduction?

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Congratulations on having undergone the breast reduction procedure. I think that you will be best off, evaluating the end results of the procedure performed, approximately 6 months to one year after the procedure was performed. Generally speaking, patients find that the shape and size of the breasts will change ( usually for the better) during this period of time.

 I would also suggest that you do not base your assessment about the outcome of the procedure performed based on achieving a specific cup size.

 Follow-up with your plastic surgeon and communicate your concerns/questions.

 Best wishes.

Swelling after breast surgery

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How long it takes for all swelling to go down after surgery, will depend on a number of factors including the extent of surgery (i.e. how much tissue was removed and whether any liposuction was used) and any complicating factor (such as infection or bleeding). You are still in relatively early stage and may need to wait for another 3-4 months to see the final outcome.

Anindya Lahiri, FRCS (Plast)
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Breasts should decrease some

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After the reduction the breasts definitely have swelling. This decreases by about 80-90% over the first 6-8wks. I know that everyone talks about cup sizes, but it is a terrible classification. It is hard to "guarantee" someone a certain size. Your plastic surgeon can give you a better idea with regard to the technique they used. One of the things that has to be decided in planning a reduction is how much needs to be left behind to assure there is plenty of blood supply to the nipple. If the designed pedicle is too small then there may not be enough blood flow and the nipple can die. This however limits the overall amount that the breast can be reduced. Give it a full 6 months before you consider yourself too big. Best of Luck! 

M. Scott Haydon, MD
Austin Plastic Surgeon
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