When is the Latest That Scar Tissue Can Develop After a Rhinoplasty?

I had a revision nearly 6 months ago to remove scar tissue that developed after my primary rhinoplasty. So far no scar tissue has developed, possibly because I massage my nose everyday and limit my sodium intake and sun exposure. How long after a rhinoplasty is the development of scar tissue no longer a concern?

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Scar Tissue after Rhinoplasty

I'm not aware of any medical studies that have been done to answer your question. However, if you have not had any problems 6 months after your revision rhinoplasty it is extremely unlikely you will have an  inflammatory reaction or scar tissue formation in the future.

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When is the Latest That Scar Tissue Can Develop After a Rhinoplasty?

  This varies greatly from patient to patient.  If it's a primary Rhinoplasty in a patient with thin skin, 6 to 9 months.  If, on the other hand the patient has thick skin or it's a Revision Rhinoplasty with a history of prior scar formation, 12 -18 months IMHO.  As always ask your Rhinoplasty Surgeon for specific instructions.

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
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Rhinoplasty and scar tissue

Usually by six months if scar tissue ahs not developed, you are probably out of the woods.  Enjoy the new nose!

Steven Wallach, MD
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