When is the ideal time post Breast Augmentation to have a Capsulorrhaphy and can existing Periareolar Incision be used?

My implants are too low as IMFs were over lowered (N-IMF 9cm right, 8cm left; 275cc implants from flat chest). I know I should wait 6-12 months but is there an "ideal" time for a capsulorrhaphy - ie is 1 yr better than 2 yrs? Or does it not matter so long as implants fully settled and tissue healed? Can surgeon use periareolar incision or must it be inframammary? Finally, should new, sterile implants be used or is it ok to re-use existing ones? Thanks!

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Ideal time for capsulorrhaphy after augmentation?

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It is beneficial to wait for the capsule around the implants to fully solidify before attempting any capsular repair.  The stronger the tissue, the more likely you will be to maintain position of the implants long-term.  By 6 months your implants should have settled fully and your capsule should be fairly solid, so that's about as early as I'd allow a patient to proceed, though there may be benefit to waiting up to a year.  Past the one year mark there should be very little change, so I don't believe you gain anything by waiting 2 years.

The same implants can certainly be used if you're otherwise happy with shape and size.  As for the incision, I find it significantly easier to approach the capsulorrhaphy from the periareolar approach, and there is no reason to give you another scar.

How long to wait before capsulorrhaphy?

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In answer to the second part of your question, yes a peri-areolar incision can be used to perform a capsulorrhaphy and we normally wait at least three months following initial surgery to consider this operation.

This is because the internal tissue inside your breast is still slightly raw and fresh scar tissue and it’s best to leave this area to fully heal prior to considering surgery.

I hope this information is useful and wish you the best of luck if you do decide to go ahead with surgery.

Best wishes.

Implants are too low

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There is no ideal time as you suggested after about 6 months.  If capsular work is required then a periareola incision is not the answer. Your old implants can be used.

Earl Stephenson, Jr, MD, DDS, FACS

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