When teeth are all aligned and there are a few cosmetic spaces left to close up and you move is it worth starting all over again

My daughter is almost done with her braces but we had to move and the only orthodonist in this area uses a different appliance. Is it worth taking off the old ones and starting with all new bands to close up a few spaces or will nature take iits course when her wisdom teeth come in, or her teeth just settle?

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Transferring to a new orthodontist is often difficult.  There are numerous different types of braces and finding someone that uses the same ones can be a challenge.  If you are close to being finished I would try to use the same braces if possible.  Ask your previous orthodontist to recommend someone who uses the same kind of braces if he can.  

Will the teeth just settle if the spaces are small?  Maybe, they sometimes do,  but it is hard to depend on it being exactly what you want.  You also should have retainers after treatment so you will need an orthodontist for that anyway.  Ask a LOT of questions, see several orthodontists if necessary,  and try to find someone you feel really comfortable with before proceeding.   There are a lot of good people out there.

In my opinion, I would try to stay away from "corporate" practices where the orthodontist is just an employee of a corporate entity and, from what I have seen,  there may be more of a tendency to "up sell" than in a private practice office.  In addition, that orthodontist may be gone before you get finished and you have to start with another one even though you didn't move.  Orthodontics is a longer term treatment and it is good to stay with the same one all the way through if you can.

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