When does taping stop being effective? Four months post-op, had a setback after bumping nose; Medpor implant.

At six weeks post op, I bumped my nose hard & it swelled up again. Six wks after that (3 mths post-of), I massaged it too hard (accidentally), hit a capillary, & it swelled up yet again. 1 mth after that, it's puffy & white-ish plus there's round swelling around/under the tip. The implant Medpor tip top graft is intact but the nose looks swollen, lumpy, & bulbous. How do I make this heal? Does taping at night help or keep lymph from draining? Surgeon said kenalog injections weren't safe for me.

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I don't think that taping will do much good, and I agree that injections are not a good idea with an implant in there. You are going to need to wait for the swelling to settle (one year) to see what the end result will be. Please don't bump it again! The question is whether your implant will need to be removed - the whitish color is concerning. Keep your regular followup with your surgeon

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