When Can I Take Tape off Nose? (photo)

I had a nose job 6-30, my bone was not broken but i have a small implant on my nose. The packs were taken out 6 days after surgery but the tape was not. When should I take the tape off? dr said to leave it for another week or so but my cousin who also had it done said to leave it on for 10 days? i also had my upper eye lids done as i had very droopy eyelids. they are healing fast but i would like to apply make up. When can i do so? Thanks

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Removing Nasal Tape After Rhinoplasty


Removing the tape in your case is usually done according to your surgeon's instructions. The main issue is that every skin reacts differently to the tape it has on it and stretching the time during which the tape application is on could increase the risks of a skin irritation.

As for applying makeup products on your eyelids, I recommend that you give it about 4-5 days after you remove the stitches so your scar has time to accommodate a little.

However, every surgeon is different and it depends mainly on the recovery pace you would achieve that you can apply makeup products over your eyelids. So, I recommend that you take by your surgeon's instructions and according to his/her approval.

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Dr. Sajjadian

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Nasal taping 5 days

It is usually enough to leave tape on the nose for 5 to 7 days. Any longer it can start irritating the skin.

As for the eye make up, all my patients start applying make up on the upper eyelid 5 days after surgery when the stitches come out.


Dr. J



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Tanveer Janjua, MD
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It is tough to always be the "good patient," but follow your surgeon's advice and only his advice for the first six months!

Robert Shumway, MD
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No harm in leaving it longer.

Listen to your surgeons instruction, not your cousins. In general, leaving the tape on a little longer will not hurt.

A.J. Amadi, MD
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Nose tape

The tape is there to decrease swelling...you should follow your doctors instructions...if he thinks it is ok for you to remove it in a few more days I would listen to him and not your cousin.

Leonard T. Yu, MD
Maui Plastic Surgeon
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