When I tape my nose at night I love the shape and size-Does this at all indicate how it will look when all the swelling is gone?

Tomorrow I will be 14 days post-op from getting my Rhinoplasty. Originally when we took the cast off there was significant swelling (my nose looked like the end of an Italian sausage), and so my doctor instructed me to tape my nose every night. It would appear that the size of the nose taped and the size of the nose in his projection are pretty similar; However, based on the size of my nose without the tape I can't imagine it shrinking down that much. Any help would be appreciated!

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Taping after rhinoplasty

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Most do not use taping after the splint is removed as there seems to be little effect on the healing process. If the taping encourages you there is no harm in doing so. Two weeks is early and your nose should conform in several more weeks.

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