When i talk my upper teeth aren't noticable why is that?

when i talk my upper teeth aren't visible at all could braces fix this? also my left part of my upper teeth is slightly higher than the right side. i also have narrow arches, retruded jaw which makes me look like i have an overbite, crooked bottom teeth. i used suck on my thumb until i was 16 could these be the reasons i have no teeth show when i talk? im 18 and i measured the upper lip and its 1,3mm which is normal i guess. and is there a way to fix this without involving upper jaw surger? i

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No Visible Front Teeth

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Baller,   I suspect you are right when you say your thumb sucking has effected your bite.  It is always difficult to assess teeth without photos but it sounds like a trip to the orthodontist would be very helpful.  They can evaluate your bite and give you your options to correct things.  Good luck to you!

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