When Will This Swelling and Soreness Go Away?

It is the 5 th day after my vaser lipo on my tummy love handles and chest. The soreness in my chest is ouch!!! And I look bigger than I did before the surgery! When will this calm down?

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Swelling And Soreness From Vaser Liposuction

It is very common for areas which tend to have thicker and tougher fat (also known as fibrous fat) to hurt more and swell more after liposuction than as do other areas because it is tougher to get the fat out!  These areas typically include the chest, the "back fat" (flanks) and sometimes the "love handles".  It can take a week or two for swelling and discomfort to significantly diminish in the "easy" areas and even longer in the "tougher" areas under normal circumstances.  Ultrasonic or Vaser liposuction is often necessary to help effectively treat the tougher areas, but the application of the ultrasonic energy and generation of heat in the process can also contribute to increased post-op pain and swelling over "traditional" liposuction techniques.

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5 days post-surgery is very normal to be in pain still. Swelling and bruising takes weeks depending on each person. Your discomfort also depends on each person pain tolerance. Usually after 2 weeks people are feeling better.


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Vaser Lipo Swelling and Soreness

Everyone heals differently; you will note some mild swelling of the surgical sites and surrounding areas. A lot of this is down in 2 to 4 weeks but sometimes it can last longer. You will see a great deal of your results in 6 to 8 weeks but you will have continued results out until 4 months. For the first 6 weeks especially your body will continuously change.

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Swelling and pain after Vaser

Thank you for your question.

Swelling and pain after liposuction including Vaser is common, as you body percieves the operation as an injury and follows the normal inflammatory responce mechanism.

Study we conducted in our clinic based on a follow up of 100 post Vaser patients showed average time for swelling to be from 2 weeks to 40+ days. Pain subsides normally after a few days.

Treatements like lymphatic manual drainage massage and correct application of your compression garment will help to speed up your recovery.

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Vaser lipo and swelling

Swelling and pain after liposuction will vary. The normal post-op pain will probably go away in a few days, but the swelling may persist for months.

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