What to Do when Suspension Stitch Come on Surface in Temple Area After Midace Lift?

2 months later after having a mid face lift I have one suspension stitch on my left temple came out . there is some degree pain and pressure that I feel in that area. I do not know what to do. I also afraid that if I go to see my surgen he will simply cut it and my left side will lose lift.Help me please with any suggestions.

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Suspension stitch on the surface

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  I too believe that if this "foreign body" has come to the surface, then it does need to be removed.  It is very doubtful that your cheek will experience any noticeable drop from having this removed.

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Suspension sutures in mid facelifts commonly need to be removed.

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Any foreign body in the face which includes suspension sutures permit facelifts become encapsulated as the body tries to rid itself of the for material. Often they become visible in need to be removed.

Suture coming out after a Mid-Facelift

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It sounds like you already know what to do.  You need to see your surgeon and he will probably want to remove it.  Unfortunately, when a permanent suture begins to extrude, the options are very limited.  This is a common problem with the "string" or "thread" lifts and are one of the many reasons why these techniques seemed to fade as quickly as they came on.  The other reason is that it doesn't really work.  There may be options once the string is removed, I doubt your cheek will fall much.

John Bitner, MD
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