When Are You Supposed to Get Your Bumpers Removed in the Invisalighn Treatment?

My orthodontist removed my bumpers when I still had 3 sets of trays left in my treatment. Now, when I wear the the trays I don't feel any movement at all.

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Invisalign guides the treatment

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Normally Align Technologies (makers of Invisalign) creates a written plan along with the tray fabrication.  If the written plan stated to remove the buttons with 3 trays to go, then that is what I would do.


I would express my concerns with the dentist.  It is likely nothing major.

Invisalign, Orthodontist

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My colleagues are right.  Usually the buttons are removed at the end of treatment.  However, without examining you, it is impossible to comment on your case.

Please pose this question to your treating orthodontist.

Best of luck with the rest of your treatment.

Dr. Zev Kaufman


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Attachments are usually removed at the end of treatment and when the permanant retainers have been made.  It may be that your doctor felt that there was no more use for them for some reason based on what movements were left in the case.  It's hard to say without knowing the case a little better.

Invisalign attachments, when should they be removed?

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The bumpers known as attachments are usually removed at the completion of treatment or when you are going to have a refinement done.  Not sure why the dentist took them off with 3 trays remaining.  Next time you see the dentist, ask them to explain why.

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