How long before this "hard boiled egg" swelling in my jaw goes away? (photos)

I had a big scar-like dent under my jawline. My tragic chin surgeries over 5 years include an enormous, unecessary implant, implant reduction op, removal op, skin excision ops, mentlis resuspension op & kenalog injections that left a dimply hole under my jaw. 5 days ago it was filled with fat (& skin he said) & pulled further under my chin, old scar excised & restitched. But now it feels like there is a golf ball in there and on my chin pad. Please tell me how long YOU think it might be before this golf-ball-like swelling might go down?

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Lump after chin fat grafting

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Thank you for your pictures. You're only five days from your surgery. The swelling and that grafts will take several weeks to soften and the contour to improve. It may take a couple more months for this to finally look more natural.

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