When is It Okay to Stop Being Anxious?

Rips, tears, seromas, hematomas. I knew that surgery had its complications and risks-- but I feel as if I am always on edge that something is going to go wrong. I firmly believe in staying positive is so important for a strong recovery- when the mind fails the body fails. I guess what I'm asking is, when are we in the clear...to not worry..and just enjoy. TT

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Anxiety after Tummy Tuck?

Although some anxiety is normal and to be expected around the time of surgery, too much anxiety can be problematic, as you seem to be aware.  On the positive side, this anxiety may cause you to “take it easy” during her recovery period;  this period of rest is necessary and important to help avoid complications.

I think that, generally speaking, once you have reached the 6 to 8 weeks post operative mark,  the vast majority of complications that can occur will have occurred.

Best wishes for an uneventful and “positive” recovery.


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