When Will Slimlipo Discomfort End (I am 9 weeks P/O)?

I am 9 weeks post Palomar Slimlipo procedure on my abdomen and still experience constant, severe tenderness in the area treated. I developed an egg-sized/shaped protrusion 5 days following the procedure. The doctor removed 5 syringes of fluid from the seroma, became visibly frustrated and told me to come back, that he would have a bigger syringe. Still wearing compression bandage and still terribly uncomfortable.

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Discomfort following SLIM Lipo 8 weeks post op

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I am sorry that you are still experiencing a lot of discomfort on your abdomen.  I recommend having a treatment such as Vela Shape 2 or endermologie.  These treatments are similar to a very deep tissue massage of the treated areas with the addition of deep IR for skin tightening.  This form of treatment can help break down excessive scar tissue that may be the cause of your discomfort.  You are doing the right thing about continuing to wear your phase 2 compression garment.  Make sure you check with your treating surgeon as different surgeons may have different post-operative protocols.  Good luck and take care!

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